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Tina c

Hi, I’m Tina Clarke.

I’m married to Andy and mum to my fur baby Mrs Robinson.

(she’s my business supervisor!)

cat helper

I have an important message for you.
And I really want you to KNOW and BELIEVE it to be true…

You CAN have what you want. You just have to decide.

We kept playing it too small in our first business (upholstery)

We didn’t want to go over the VAT threshold and have to become VAT registered.

We didn’t want to employ anyone.

We weren’t very good with computers (understatement of the century!!) and didn’t want to start using social media.

We were limiting ourselves and limiting our business.

But hay, we’ve been VAT registered for over 3 years now,

have taken on employee number 2,

and I’m typing this on my laptop from home ’cause I no longer work in our upholstery business.

And the sky DIDN’T fall down!

Please don’t limit yourself and your small business because you think certain things aren’t possible for someone like you.

They ARE possible.

But you have to admit what you REALLY want and then let go of those limiting beliefs…

And then you have to decide to go for it.

NEVER stop ’till you get what you want.

Of course you’ll have to do the work and be willing to keep learning

– but that’s why you’re here isn’t it?!

They say you have to first grow the business owner before they can grow their business

-or something to that effect!

and it’s absolutely true.

Your biz DOESN’T have to feel meh!

So, are you ready to get started….?

Tina 🙂



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