O.K. I admit it.
I’m FRUSTRATED to say the least!

What with?

The way things are currently going down in some (LOTS!) of Facebook groups.

Let me explain…

So the other day I posted that ’cause I often swear in my posts,
as that’s just the way I would speak in “real life” – as in face to face so why would I show up any differently online?
I very often don’t then have the option to boost my posts on Facebook.

I also posted about being asked to moderate my language in a post I’d submitted to a particular Facebook group.
I declined graciously and deleted said post.

I won’t filter myself.

You can take me or leave me!

So it looks like I won’t be sharing much of my content in THAT particular group cause like I said,
I HAVE to be the authentic me!

All this being said then,
it’s pretty tough to get my content in front of new people.
People who might very well need my help,
both free (I do post a lot of free content)
AND paid.

Several other groups I used to be a part of have recently closed down and another I’m in,
decided there would be NO promo of any kind,
NO livestreaming ,
NO links,

**And it’s completely the right of the groups owner to do so!

Looking around at other groups for business owners,

most of them have SO MANY RULES!!

OMG I just can’t be bothered with them if I’m being totally honest.
I’m not about to read a pdf on what I can or can’t do and on what day!!!

But hey,
I DO have this really cute,
titchy little scrap of a thing,
Facebook group of my own!

I COULD focus on growing THAT.
I COULD focus on bringing in even more AWESOME,
FUN business owners,
so they too could connect with like minded people,
get support,
BE a supporter!
Share their experiences – the highs and the lows.

AND to be able to PROMOTE THEIR OWN FREE AND PAID products,


All they would have to do is add some value first.
Share something that could help someone else in the group.
A little tip,
something you’ve just learned,
and then then they could tell us all what they have to offer.

Oh and of course they should be respectful and ethical too!!

I mean,
what do YOU think?
Would this be of interest to YOU?
Are you finding it hard to share what you have just like me?

If so and if you JUST WANT to find a group that’s not going anywhere.
One that you can share in without having to consult a pdf of rules (I’ve seen them!)
A place where you can swear and be totally yourself…

Then shoot over a request to join my titchy little cutie pie group and bring any like minded mates across too!

Lets all help each other on this often times SUPER SCARY roller coaster

ride that is entrepreneurship.

Let’s build connections.
Let’s cheer each other on.
Let’s build this into something AMAZING,
including a place to share our goodies!

I need your help.
I need YOU.

Are you with me?

Tina xoxo           Here’s the link to the group: BIZ BY DESIGN

**The more of us in here adding value and just being awesome, caring, supportive human beings, the better. AND as the numbers rise, it’ll be even more advantageous to be a part of this group as we can all get in front of more people.

Thanks again, Tina xoxo

P.S. Notice I managed not to swear in this post?!! Hopefully I can actually give this one a boost, but ANY shares, hearts, likes, comments will help this group too and will be MUCH APPRECIATED <3 <3 <3

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