A bad customer is a bad customer is a bad customer!
I get it.

You’re scared to tell that certain customer you have to do one ’cause at the end of the day,
their money is as good as anyone else’s,

THEIR money is STRESS money.
You know the term “drug money”
and you’ve also herd of “ill gotten gains”
Well if you continue to work with a BAD customer,
you’re accepting STRESS money!
A bad customer is a bad customer is a bad customer!
Not only will any money you earn from working with them be very hard earned indeed,
it also blocks the opportunity of you working with someone else.
Someone who is your IDEAL customer.
Let me tell you a little story around this…
Once upon a time,
my husband and I had a very BAD customer for our upholstery business.
This customer granted was giving us quite a bit of regular work and so quite a bit of money.
they were really stressful to work with to say the least!
Constantly bringing us problems,
constantly changing their minds about how they wanted things to be made – when we’d be
half way through making their orders,
ordering multiple items and telling us the order they wanted them in,
which would ALWAYS change after we’d completed the first item – you know,
the one that absolutely HAD to be done first,
as soon as possible…
well then all of a sudden it would be the least important one and actually,
the one we were told was the least important,
would then be needed – like yesterday!
Just about every single time this would happen.
there’d be frequent emergencies…
they forgot to order something and now their customer was on their way over and they had
nothing for them.
What were we gonna do about it?
Which is totally fine – you’re there to solve you customers problems after all.
Just not a constant barrage of emergencies and not when they know it’s your day off.
Or you’ve finished for the day but can you please go back to work and bang out a job,
then wait for their customer to turn up and collect it from you?!
Things like this are fine once in a blue moon.
It shows your customer that you’ll go the extra mile for them.
That you appreciate them.
But not every other week!

That’s taking the piss quite frankly!

I could go on and on about some of the stuff our “bad customer” used to do,
including screaming for a particular job to be done,
so we’d drop what we were doing for someone else to help them out AGAIN!
And then we’d phone to say “We got it done for you. When can you pick it up?”
Then it would be “Oh, I can’t get till next week now. I’ll have to let you know”
I could have finished the job I just dropped for my other customer who’s coming tomorrow!
Cue steam coming out of our ears.
So finally,
after many times of saying “next time, they GO!”
We got rid.
And here’s the part I want you to really pay attention to…

Within about 2 weeks we’d replaced “bad customer” with 2 new,

And we get both of their work done in the same amount of time ’cause we aren’t being
messed around.
We wish we’d given “bad customer” the chop a lot earlier.
But you live and learn don’t you.
So if you’re reading this knowing you have a “bad customer” you’d LOVE to get rid of but
daren’t ’cause it’s money at the end of the day…
I guess you have to ask yourself what you value most.
STRESS money?
or your own happiness and sanity?
And if it’s the latter you need to either swing the axe…
or make a plan to by a certain date.
Or as soon as you’ve found an IDEAL customer to replace them with.
At the end of the day business should be FUN.
You need to make money yes,
but you should have as much fun as possible doing it.
Tina <3

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