Join Happy Biz Owners Bootcamp 2.0 and give your business a workout!

Imagine how it would feel if you were actually in LOVE with your business?
You have customers you ADORE and who ADORE you back – and VALUE what you do for
them, you only offer the products or services you want to,
AND you work the days and the times that suit YOU and YOUR LIFE.
How would that feel?
Pretty awesome, right?
Well, it’s all absolutely possible.
Yes even for you, even with your business.
I’ll show you HOW


I’ve gone from working in various factories for the best part of 18 years,
to running my OWN factory with my husband,
to replacing myself form that business and starting my online coaching business.
I know what it’s like to set up your own business because you want the FREEDOM it should
afford you,
only to find yourself doing work that drains you,
not just products or services that you don’t want to be offering,
but also all the other stuff that comes with running a business – like doing your own books!
Then there’re the customers who are far from ideal and who undervalue you and your
who always want a discount and who always stress you out!
And then there’s the hours you’re working…so many hours but then you daren’t take a
It really doesn’t have to be this way.
You can set up your business to suit YOU.
I’ll show you HOW.
This program has been created by me to help YOU to shape your business into a business
that you LOVE.
If you don’t enjoy your business you won’t go all out to grow it,
as you won’t want to attract more of the things you don’t want in your business.
I’ll show you how you can create exactly what you want and I’ll give you all my knowledge
and experience gained over the last 9 years.
If you’re ready to create a business that you LOVE…THIS is the program for YOU.


Here’s what I cover in the (mainly!) bite sized trainings…

What the F do you want? Get clear on it…
Do you actually know what the F you want, both for your life AND for your business?
Maybe you DO know, but you think it’s just not possible for you, so you talk yourself out of
wanting what you want and talk yourself into much reduced goals?
Mind the gap!
Does the gap between what you REALLY want and what you have right now seem impossible to bridge? Here’s the good news, it actually doesn’t matter!
I want to work with…?
I’m hoping you aren’t trying to appeal to EVERYONE! It simply won’t work and you’ll just end up appealing to no one. Worst of all, you might attract into your business, shall we say… some less than desirable customers! Who you need to attract are your IDEAL CUSTOMERS. But who are they and do you even know?
Do. Delegate. Delete.
What do you want to be spending your time doing? What would you ideally get help with and what, if anything, could you get rid of completely?
Make your own rules
Who says it has to be a certain way? This is YOUR business and YOU’RE THE BOSS! You don’t have to stick to industry norms, OR to all the rules around marketing. Make your OWN rules…
Push through your comfort zones
To become a success in business, or in anything for that matter, sooner or later you’re gonna have to push through your comfort zone. It might be safe and cozy inside your little bubble, but the only way to grow is to get uncomfortable! Your brain however will try to keep you “safe” and tell you not to push! The good news is, lots of business owners won’t do this, so you’ll be streets ahead of them.
My rather cool exercise to slay the doubts and niggles!
So simple, yet so effective.
K.I.S.S. – Keep It Simple Stupid! Because why make life hard? I aim to make everything in my businesses as simple as possible.
Bust through resistance baby!
We ALL come up against resistance, or procrastination. It’s human nature, so don’t beat yourself up over it! What we DO need to do though, is move past it quickly and get the “thing” we’re avoiding done.
Mindset matters! Parts 1, 2 and 3
Please don’t be like me and disregard mindset work. I used to think it was a load of rubbish frankly! I was soooo wrong. This last module is actually THE most IMPORTANT part of this program. It REALLY is. Get into it. It will change your business AND your life, if you do it several times EVERY DAY. (Yes, you DO have time – to change your life!)
PLUS bonus mindset training
No negativity!
PLUS you’ll get CONTINUED support from me inside the private Facebook group just for Bootcamp 2.0 members. This is worth the price of the program alone!

You REALLY can have what you want. You just have to decide what that is and commit to getting it. And NEVER give up.

This is for YOU if you’re REALLY ready to create a business that you LOVE <3

About me!

From working in factories for other people for nearly 20 years, to setting up my first business with my Tina Clarkehusband Andy almost 9 years ago, to now helping others achieve success and happiness with their businesses, I have bucket loads of small biz experience. Especially in the manufacturing / brick and mortar area! And I’m still learning! I’m no slick talking guru BUT, if you want to learn from someone genuine, passionate and down to earth, then that’s me!

I wanted to make this program as accessible as possible ’cause I remember what it’s like when you first want to invest in your business. It can be scary spending money when there’s little or even none coming in!

At only £85 it’s awesome value and the information in this program has literally been worth thousands to

us. Seriously, it’s incredible value!


 JUST £85! 

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