Do you love your customers and do you love ON them?
If you want to turn customers into repeat buyers and if you want to turn them into RAVING FANS of yours,
and also PROMOTERS of you and your business…


Yesterday on various social media platforms,
I spoke about how my husband was treated REALLY well when buying himself a watch.
Long story short,
the guy in the shop (after being told by us that it was my husbands birthday at the weekend)
presented my husband with a couple of bottles of premium lager to say Happy Birthday!
We both were like “awww!”
It was a really easy and inexpensive way to make a customer feel special and appreciated.
And we will go back to that store in the future.

Here’s how to get it really WRONG!
So about a 18 months ago now (in my husband’s and mine upholstery business)
I placed an order for some fabric.
A roll of black vinyl that we ALWAYS used.
I asked for a full roll of whatever it was called (I can’t remember now, maybe Swartz
and read out the colour number.
I had it written in front of me and as the person on the other end of the phone read it back
to me,
I ticked off the name of the fabric and the number.
I knew had had heard me correctly and would receive the correct fabric.
I ALWAYS did this and I would write down who took the order and even the time of day.
I don’t trust people to do their jobs right as many people often don’t!!
the fabric arrives a couple of days later and it was a GREY vinyl!!
So I get on the phone with the company and let them know what happened.
They denied any wrong doing on their part and said I must have given them the wrong order
I said I didn’t ’cause I have the notes in front of me and that I EVEN ticked off everything as it
was repeated back to me.
PLUS we ALWAYS have a roll of this black vinyl about every 2-3 weeks.
They then said that doesn’t matter.
They don’t look at what you’ve ordered before when processing a new order.
Fair enough!
They then said that they COULDN’T have gotten the order wrong ’cause they have a certain
way of doing it that CAN’T go wrong!
I told them again what I’d said over the phone,
that they repeated it all back to me perfectly and that I’d then ticked everything they
repeated off my notes.
INCLUDING our factory’s address and my name for goodness sake!
They then told me I was lying!!!!!
They told a customer who was spending about £15,000 – £20,000 a year with them,
that they were,
Que my mind being blown!
And then me asking for the owner,
who proceeded to say the same as the last person,
followed by a bit of a giggle and then “well you ARE lying though aren’t you?”

I then told them to come and fetch their swatch books as we’ll not be dealing with YOU
We’ll source a similar vinyl from one of our other suppliers who KNOWS what customer
service is all about.


Even as I’m writing this I’m dealing with a card payment machine company that are trying to
bully me!
They seriously don’t know who they’re dealing with Lol!
I’ll let you know what happens there too.

So many companies get customer services wrong.

They get customer RELATIONSHIPS SOOOOO wrong.

In the UK anyway.

So you only have to be half decent and you’re doing better than all these idiots.
LOVE on your customers.
HELP them when they need it.
Give a little bit extra…
it’ll go a LONG way.
You could possibly make someones day – a win for them.
And you might just convert them into RAVING fans of you and your business.
FANS who’ll tell their friends about you – a win for you too!

But just in case you don’t want to love on your customers.
If they annoy you.
If you think they don’t deserve it…
It might be time to get yourself some new customers.
Your SOUL MATE customers.
Customers you LOVE dealing with.

LOVE your customers!

Tina <3

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