Something I talk about quite a bit is the fact that you really need to cut as much negativity
out from your life as you can.
If you want to be successful and HAPPY,
remove as many sources of negativity as possible.
You’re the gate keeper of your mind.
Don’t let crap get inside!


’cause everything you see, hear, experience,
is remembered by your non conscious brain.
It’s stored away safely in there.
It never forgets anything – even if YOU can’t remember something,
It’s why as you get older you might start to have a negative bias.
You might become a pessimist.
You think everything will go wrong.
Why is this?
’cause of all the crap you saw, heard and experienced!
It’s still in there somewhere and it’s influencing you.

Now apart from making you a less happy human,
this is bad news if you’re a business owner or entrepreneur.
Why would you take risks if you THINK things will go wrong?
Why would you launch something if you THINK no one will buy?
Why set on that very much needed employee if you THINK they won’t work out?
Why do anything?

So what can you do to protect yourself then?
Well you can cut out as much negativity as possible by limiting how much TV you watch.
It’s nicknamed the goggle-box for a reason!
Don’t watch miserable programs or the news.
you can audit who you hang around with.
The people you spend the most time with are gonna have an influence on you and so you
need to take a look at what sorts of people they are!
Are they successful?
Do they even have a job?!
Do they blame everyone else and his dog for their problems and never admit when
something’s their fault?
Are they even trying to get on in life or are they just existing?


If your friends and and acquaintances are a bad influence,
you need to start putting some distance between you and them.
But this is your happiness and your success we’re talking about here.
It’s also worth thinking how you can get around other,
switched on business people.
Maybe start going to networking events?

But what if it’s a member of your family that ‘s being negative?
Whether intentional or not – sometimes a family member will tell you not to do things
’cause they think you’ll fail and they don’t want to see you get hurt.
Even so,
you CAN’T have someone in your ear telling you you can’t do it!
Also you don’t want to be dealing with any family drama either!


You don’t want to be anywhere near that sort of stuff.
But if a family member’s giving you any kind of negative sh*t what can you do?
You can’t cut them out of your life,
can you?
If they aren’t that important to you YES!
If it’s just a distant cousin you only see at family gatherings every 5 years than absolutely!
But what if it’s someone closer?
I suggest having a chat with them.
Telling them you can’t be dealing with the negativity and it doesn’t help you one bit.
Give them a chance to stop.
But if they don’t then you have to limit the time you spend with them.
Don’t talk about your business with them – just say it’s fine and change the subject.
If they try and pull you into their BS drama change the subject and if you can’t manage to
get them to stop,
walk away!
Maybe next time they’ll realise your deadly serious.

You HAVE to drop the drama.
You HAVE to be a positive individual if you want to be successful and happy.
You HAVE to take this stuff serious.
This is part and parcel of being a business owner or entrepreneur.
I guarentee you Richard Branson does NOT hang around with layabouts or negative Nellies!
He does NOT listen to what his second cousin thinks he should do with his business empire either.
Neither should you.
Tina xoxo
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