Hurry the fuck up!

I want to get a hold of you and tell you in NO uncertain terms,
to hurry the fuck up!

I’m not judging you or trying to be a bitch.
But seriously,
the sooner you play FULL OUT,
show the fuck up EVERY DAY…
– I’m talking about getting your message across to your people here,
on OR offline.
But the SOONER you start showing the fuck up in your power,
100% YOU – quirks and all!
And acting like the LEADER YOU ARE and fucking helping people…

**The sooner you’ll start to see the results you crave**

Whether that be engagement online.
Enquiries about you products or services.
Or actual SALES £$£$!

You will NOT get there by being inconsistent.
You will NOT get there by being wishy washy.
You will NOT get there by being afraid of what you audience might or might not think,
of what your ex colleague might or might not think,
or your Aunty Doris!!
Well you might eventually get somewhere – but probably not to the WHERE you actually WANT to get to!

You HAVE to be willing to put yourself out there.
To be SEEN and HEARD.

You HAVE to be willing to HELP people – EVEN FOR FREE!!!
And you HAVE to be willing to FAIL.
To potentially look stupid and just not give a rats!

The good news there is that a lot of business owners ARE NOT willing to do this.
So this is where you get to STAND OUT.
And if you don’t stand out.
If we don’t see you, how can we ever work with you?


I learned a few years back when I just had the upholstery business, the importance of standing out.

I have a book somewhere that I can’t find this minute (still haven’t finished unpacking from our house move before Christmas!)
written by a guy called Bill Glazer.
Can’t remember the title but it’s about standing out.
Maybe something about outrageous marketing?!?
he gives various examples of how different businesses did their  marketing COMPLETELY different to the norm and really STOOD OUT with amazing results.
That’s something I employed in the upholstery biz to attract new trade clients and MAN does it work well!

Now regarding my online coaching business – it’s a different kettle of fish.
It’s super competitive.
And of course there’s nothing tangible I can showcase.
Coaching isn’t as sexy and new leather seats either!

BUT I’ve learned that to STAND OUT in this industry…
To attract the clients that’re a good fit for me…
I just have to put MYSELF out there AUTHENTICALLY (yes I know it’s a buzz word but still!)
I HAVE to show the fuck each and every day.
Several times.
HELP PEOPLE with my free content.
– are you on my REALLY USEFUL NEWSLETTER list yet?
SHOW then WHO I am – imperfections too!
SHOW them WHO I ain’t as well.

Rinse and repeat.

I’ve had coaches tell me this stuff.

That I need to “stand in my power” so to speak.
That I need to show the fuck up.
All of it.

And I thought I got it.
I thought I was.
I thought I was doing all the work so where are MY results?
Why am I not further along that this?

And you know what?
Until you go ALL IN and I mean ALL IN.
Until you go FASTER.
Until you’re willing to FAIL and to FAIL FASTER…

…then nowts gonna change duck!

The minute I got this.
The minute It sunk in.
The minute I started to increase my speed and the amount of valuable content I was putting out (this is recently too)
The minute things started to change.

I get it now.
I embrace the chance to SERVE people EVEN MORE.

It’s like a snowball.

YOU have a snowball too, but it’s probably just sitting there on the ground not doing owt!
Realise that THAT fucking snowball,
however SMALL,
when pushed down hill it will gather momentum.
Slowly at first.
“WHERE is my HUGE, BOULDEROUS(?!) snowball then” you might think!
But it will start to appear before your very eyes.
A BIG, fuck off snowball!
But you’ve got to give it the fucking momentum in the first place.

So for the LOVE of chocolate and Diet Coke,
get out there now and start building your epic snowball.
Show the fuck up.


They’re not gonna show up if you keep plodding on,
“playing” at it.
Being inconsistant.
Being scared.
Being wishy washy.

You’ve been told!


Tina Clarke


P.S. Soz for the language but I really can’t stress this stuff enough!
I’ve spent enough time staring at my stationary snowball wondering why it wasn’t growing!
Well now it IS growing.
And it’s as If something has switched inside of me.
It’s just that I now “get it” and I REALLY want you to get it too!




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