I HATE appointments!

I hate having to make an appointment for ANYTHING.
It doesn’t have to just be something potentially worrying like a doctors appointment or a
trip to the dentist!
It can even be for something I WANT to do,
like go to the salon.

’cause I HATE feeling like I HAVE to do something.

Being restricted.
– I can’t be late for my appointment!
I HATE HATE HATE being late for stuff.
Always have to be early lol!

So yeah,
I’d much rather be able to just turn up.
Get my hair cut or brows done when I decide it’s time.
Get in at the doctors IMMEDIATELY.
– yeah like THAT’S gonna happen!

Now just ’cause this is what I want,
doesn’t mean I can’t ask MY customers to make appointments!
In fact in my upholstery biz we almost always insist upon it!
’cause otherwise you have 2 customers turning up at the same time,
people turning up out of the blue when you’re super busy and wanting to spend and hour
with you that you simply can’t afford right now,
you can’t just pop out ’cause someone’s coming today but you don’t know when
– could be now,
could be later and so you can’t go anywhere just in case!


You ARE here to serve your customers but you’re also here to serve YOURSELF!
Create the business you really want INCLUDING having the flexibility to be able to pop out if needs
or to be able to knock off early.

Flexibility for you looks like appointments for them!

I’m sure you’ve waited in for a delivery or the cable guy before.
You sit there wondering whether they’ll come early or at the end of the day.
If you nip to the loo now will they knock?
What if they then go?
Oh f*ck it I need the loo so I’m going.
And then…
And you could have been doing all sorts of things.
You could have gone out for the day.

OMG that’s SO annoying and luckily it doesn’t happen too often but if you don’t set
boundaries in your business and have your customers keep APPOINTMENTS,
it WILL be happening to you – kinda!

Don’t be scared to value and protect your time.

Don’t let others suck up your time.
Your time is VALUABLE.
You can’t get it back.

So if you feel like APPOINTMENT ONLY is a little harsh,
remember that this is YOUR business and YOUR life.
Remember that you can do whatever you want,
make your OWN RULES.
Finish early or take the afternoon off on a nice sunny day if work allows.
except oh no,
you CAN’T ’cause you don’t know if someone’s gonna turn up!
FYI – they often don’t!!

F*ck that shiz.

Take control.
Set some barriers in your business.
Protect your time.
Protect your FREEDOM.
And if you’re not sure how you’d go about implementing let me know.
I’ll tell you how we do it.

You need to stop worrying about what people might think.
You’re often wrong!
You’re NOT about to lose all your customers ’cause you bring in an appointment only policy,
or put your prices up or whatever…!
Get out of your head!

Stop thinking so much and take the action you REALLY want to take.

Design your business the way you REALLY want it to be.
Start TODAY.
Have fun,
Tina xoxo

Tina Clarke


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