This morning whilst journaling I started writing out how I do things MY WAY.
I know I’m always saying in my posts that you should do your business your way,
make your own rules etc…
but this morning I really spent some time writing about doing things the way I want and
ONLY the way I want.

The other day I decided that I wanted to write more.
I enjoy it and I think I’m pretty good at it if I do say so myself!
And I DO say so – you have to claim your expertise ’cause no one else is gonna declare you
an expert that’s for sure.
No one’s gonna hand you a diploma stating (your name) is hereby declared GOOD

I’ll be writing more from now on and doing less video and live streams.
I will do SOME,
it’s just not the thing I’m best at or enjoy that much.
But writing…


And I did also hear someone – can’t remember who now but it was on YouTube,
say that it doesn’t really matter which medium you use.
They are all about as effective as each other so you should do the one(s) you enjoy the
I enjoy writing the most!

So anyway whilst journaling this morning 2 words jumped out at me.
1. Fun
2. Simple

I’ve decided there’re NO RULES in my business except that I must ask if something is
1. Fun?
2. Simple?
And how can it be even more so?

I was thinking about writing more and whether I should turn all my posts into blogs?
Should I still Blog on certain days – so far it’s been every Friday.
That’s what the internet gurus tell you to do.
To Blog on the same day CONSISTENTLY so the web spider thingies will know you add fresh
content to your site at a regular period and come looking.
I know it’s true and like I said I’ve been Blogging every Friday for a while now BUT
It IS a rule and it does feel constricting.

I HAVE to Blog on a Friday – who says???

Oh wait it was ME telling myself that!
That’s just f*cking stupid and annoying to me and I’m gonna write when I want and turn a lot
into Blog posts but probably not all my posts will end up as Blog posts.
I can post something onto Facebook and twitter and a couple other platforms and not have
to “Blogify” it!

So basically this post has been written to help ME as well as you!
To clarify where I’m going.
I’m going where there ain’t no rules – that’s where!
I’m concentrating on having FUN.
And of course keeping things as SIMPLE as possible.
And you know what?
That’s EXACTLY how we do things in my other biz.
In my upholstery biz we keep things as simple as we can.
We do have some systems but nothing fancy or complicated.

We make our OWN RULES.

And we do the work that’s the MOST FUN,

for the customers who’re the MOST FUN.
And we run that biz on a three and a half day week!!
1. Fun
2. Simple!

Now I’m not telling you you shouldn’t do the stuff the marketing gurus tell you.
I’m not suggesting you shouldn’t use SEO and pay per click and all that stuff.
Done right these things DO work.
But I DO suggest you set up your business to be as FUN and as SIMPLE as can be and if you
want all the complicated systems and sales funnels and all the bells and whistles,


Life’s too short to be pulling your hair out over some technology that seems to hate you and
won’t do what it SHOULD be doing!
And life’s too short to be worrying about which colour button to use on a sales page or
what font should you go with on your website.
I have website shame in BOTH my business and it doesn’t effect income!
I don’t care!

What I DO care about is enjoying myself.

‘Cause like I often say,
If I want to be miserable I can go and get a job and work with annoying idiots and have NO fun!!


So what’s important to YOU?
Aside from earning money!
What do you want your business to look and feel like?
What can you do to today to start working towards that?
What would you like to cut out?
And what would you like to add?
Do differently?
Would you like everything in your business to be FUN and or SIMPLE?
Do you have another couple of words you’d like to factor in?
I’d LOVE to know your thoughts on this so do comment below.
Hope you have an awesome day – I will as I’ll be doing it MY WAY!


Tina xoxo

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