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Aim to be the least successful in the room!
Some people,
MEDIOCRE people,
want to be seen as the richest,
most successful in the room.
They’re the “big fish in the small pond”
It makes them feel better about themselves.
It boosts their ego.
But really they’d be much better off being the “poorest” in the room.
Here’s why…

If you’re the least successful in the room,
or in an online program,
even among friends and acquaintances,
  1. it will make you naturally want to pull your socks up and grow.
  2. you’ll see people achieve great things and realise that it IS possible after all. Normal
  3. you’ll learn HOW they’re having the successes and can model what they do.
  4. there might even be chance for you to partner up with these people on a project or two.

In other words you’ll raise your game.

This is NOT gonna happen though if you keep trying to be the big fish!
Some of your current friends,
family members are holding you back.
Whether it’s deliberately – they don’t want to deal will you being successful ’cause they aren’t
and it’d make them feel inadequate and they’d also regret the fact that they could have
tried to better themselves but never bothered!
it might not be intentional.
It’s just that they don’t have a success mindset.
Maybe they just work their normal job (which they probably hate!) and have no idea,
no experience about creating and growing a business.
But what can you learn from them that’ll help you to become more successful?

I recently walked away from a bunch of people that I outgrew.
These were small business owners as well!
They were more interested in having a laugh than learning and growing.
(when I say “they” I mean the majority of them. A handful were actually great people and
I’m still connected with them on social media!)
Now I’m ALL about having fun in your business but when it comes to learning,
I take that VERY seriously.

I LOVE to learn and I’m not about to let other people stop me.

I don’t want to surround myself with people that don’t want to take advice and who have
nothing much of value to share with me either!
It might sound a bit harsh but at the end of the day,
are they gonna pay my bills?

I’m starting to surround myself with more and more people who are at my level and above.
I’m not looking to be the big fish in the small pond.
I’m looking to get into the ocean and see if any of the REAL big fish want to play!
I want to elevate myself.
I want to become better.
I want to become GREAT.
That means that I need to make sure I’m always the least successful in the room.

It’s not shameful.

It’s something to get excited about ’cause it means you’re about to get pulled UP!
You KNOW you need to cut some people don’t you?
Or at the very least drastically reduce the time you give them.
But also,
who can you connect with who’ll make you raise your game?
Offline and online.
Even reading super successful people’s books counts!

So I suppose my question to you is…

are you brave enough?

Are you brave enough to get out of that minute pond of yours,
swallow your pride and aim to be the dumbest,
least successful person in the room?
Tina “has a lot to learn” Clarke!

Tina Clarke


P.S. If you want to surround yourself with some switched on business owners, come and join my Facebook group Biz By Design. It’s a safe place to ask questions and get support from the other members – and of course me!

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