What do you REALLY want from your small business?

Be truthful with yourself.

What does your ideal business look like?

What does it feel like?

What types of activities are you doing day in, day out?

Who’re you working with?

How do you feel when you’re working?

How much money are you making?

How excited do you feel when it’s morning and it’s time to get out of bed and you know you’re going to spend a day either

working in, or working on, your small business?

Most of us have a tendency to downplay our dreams.

To reduce them.

To reduce our goals because of the limiting beliefs we have.

These beliefs make us play much smaller than we actually could.

These limiting beliefs make us think that we’re too shy,

not clever enough,

not pretty enough,

not slim enough,

not experienced enough,

too young,

too old…

The list goes on and on!


Now whatever your BS limiting beliefs are – and they are BS,

you’ve got to do the work to remove them.

At the end of the day your limiting beliefs are just that  – BELIEFS!

These beliefs are limiting YOU.

They’re limiting your potential.

They’re making you hold back.

They’re making you think much smaller and ultimately,

you reduce down your goals to fit what you think you’re capable of.


If you’re really honest with yourself and admit what it is that you really,

deep down want out of your business and also your life,

it’s probably going to scare you and so you’ll immediately think it’s not possible for YOU.

You might think it’s possible for other people,

but that it’s just not possible for someone likeyou!

>It so IS possible for you though<


Success is not dependent on your IQ and it’s not dependent on how good looking you are either!

  (And that’s just a matter of opinion anyway!)

But if you look at most of the top people in business,

not being funny or owt,

they aren’t supermodel material!

They’d also (mostly) be the first to admit they aren’t geniuses either.

They often struggled at school.

So basically I just want YOU to know that you are here on this planet – as far as I know, only ONCE.

This is NOT a dress rehearsal.

There’re NO do overs,

so you might as well give it all you’ve got.

You might as well go for it.

You might as well go for those big scary ass dreams.

Those dreams that’re there inside of you that you keep pushing down.

That you keep reducing.

That you think you can’t pull off.

The only thing really that’s standing in your way of achieving what you REALLY want is…


You and those stupid BS beliefs.

And guess what?

You can work on your mindset and totally flip those beliefs!


I talk a lot about everything being a choice

and you can choose how you fell about things.

You can choose how you react to things.

You can choose to take action – or not!

And you can damn well choose what you actually BELIEVE.

And if you can choose what you believe,

why wouldn’t you choose to believe empowering thoughts?

Empowering beliefs?


Food for thought?


Tina Clarke



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