Speak the f*** UP and get some attention.


Very basically, we all have a rough idea of what we should be doing every day in our businesses.
I mean, maybe we aren’t exactly seeing the results we want,
but we aren’t COMPLETELY ignorant of what needs to get done!!

We know we should be messaging.
On social media,
and perhaps even some sort of offline messaging too, like leaflets?!

We also know that we should be looking after the people who have raised their hand and
shown some interest in what we do.

Content creation is VITAL.
Prospect and client nurturing is VITAL.
Doing the “actual work” of the business is VITAL.
And making sure we get paid is VERY VITAL!

Now this is all well and good, but what if we’re a little on the shy side?
Full of negative self talk?
Are we justified in not doing the work ’cause we don’t feel like it.
Or are feeling too shy | insecure?

F*** NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

If you were on the side of the street, homeless, STARVING and one of many in this
predicament and then someone showed up with some delicious hot food for you all.
Some good Samaritan.


Would you stay put and not reach out to accept some food ’cause you were TOO SHY?!!


Would you feel like it’s too cheeky to speak up and ask for the food for yourself?


Would you be too self conscious to go grab some dinner in front of the rest of the homeless,


I f****** hope not!

I should think you wouldn’t care about what anyone else thought of you.
You’re just hungry and you NEED to get fed.

Well if you want to get fed in any area of you life, including your business, you HAVE to be
able to speak UP!
You HAVE to make it known that you’re here.
You HAVE to ask for what you want.
And you HAVE to not care about what anyone might (or might not!) think.


And by the way, you’re gonna get judged whether you speak up or not.


Whether you’re loud or quiet.
Rich or poor.
Generous or tight!
Fat or thin.
Old or young….
I could go on and on but the point is,

Speak the f*** UP and get some attention.


Get fed!

Businesses NEED to get and keep attention.
Can’t do that hiding away.

YES it’s a little harder for you if you’re shy, introverted, full of fear and self doubt.
But the fact remains, you NEED to get fed.

So stop thinking about what everyone else might think of you and just show the f*** up for
YOUR audience and YOUR clients.


And get over yourself asap.

A bit harsh?
Maybe!  – But you needed to hear it!


Tina ClarkeTina


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Then my group Mindset & Motivation – for Introverted Entrepreneurs would be an
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