You stand out like a sore thumb!

You stand out whether you’re trying to or not.
Maybe not that much.
Maybe not enough to attract thousands of followers and all the IDEAL customers you’d want,
but you stand out to a lot of people.
A particular set of people actually.
To them,
you stand out like a sore thumb.

So WHO are these people I’m talking about?

They are the “normal” people.
That is,
the people with normal jobs.
Or even NO jobs!
Sometimes they’re in your family.
Sometimes they’re your friends.
Or acquaintances.
They’re people you know.
Oh and sometimes,
they’re other business owners.
You know,
the ones that’re too busy to market their business.
Too busy to learn how to use Facebook.
Haven’t got time to pick up a book on business or self improvement.
They’re TOO BUSY,
except they’re NOT!
They aren’t doing too well at all but any attempt to help them is met with 150 reasons why
they just can’t do something that might actually help them to move forward!
They’re small minded.
They have limiting beliefs.
Oh well!

But you see YOU are DIFFERENT.
YOU put yourself out there.
YOU stretch your comfort zone.
YOU spend time and money on your business.
YOU are a DOER.
YOU are going for it.

So you stick out like a sore thumb to those that aren’t doing what you’re doing.

You hold a mirror up to them and show them what they’re not.
What they’re NOT doing.
What they’re NOT¬†becoming.
The fact that they aren’t really happy with their lot but also that they aren’t doing anything
about it.
And that’s gotta hurt!

Well I’m afraid that’s THEIR problem and NOT yours.
Keep focused on your path and don’t let others push you off it in their jealousy and or
Unfortunately there will ALWAYS be those around you ready to try to pull you down.
Whether you’re on your way to being a billionaire or whether you’re enjoying working in
your small but successful lifestyle business.

You’ll STILL get the hate.

STILL get unwanted advice from people who haven’t a clue!
STILL get people trying to justify why they wouldn’t want to do what you’re doing and trying
to make you feel like you’re some kind of douche!


Here’s the thing…
For a start you should NEVER take business advice from someone who’s never done what
you’re doing.
Go learn off someone who’s already done what you’re trying to do,
or is at least a couple of steps ahead of you.
if you REALLY want to do something,
try something…
Just do it already!
Who cares what anyone else thinks?
Who cares what your Aunty thinks,
the annoying so and so you see now and then in a certain bar that always has something to
say about your business every time they see you,
even though you don’t invite the feedback and even thought they know sweet FA about
your business AT ALL!!
And who cares what your cleaner thinks either?!

The ONLY thing that matters is what YOU WANT to do.

And like I said before,
ONLY take advice from those who actually KNOW what they’re talking about.

So if you’re receiving the hate,
the criticism,
the uninvited opinions,
the little digs,
the bitterness…
It’s ’cause you stick out like a sore thumb.
It’s ’cause you aren’t “normal”
It’s ’cause you’re on the right path,


Don’t let anyone push you off it,

Tina xoxo

P.S. I’m looking for a couple of women who are SUPER READY to go to the next level with their biz,
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Is this you?


You’re a BADASS female biz owner who has a brick and mortar business and or a products based business.

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You’re already making some money with your business.

You already know the BASICS of marketing and social media.

You’re AMBITIOUS and READY to do the work needed INCLUDING the internal work.

You’re READY to invest TIME,

You’re OK with getting a little UNCOMFORTABLE too as you know it’s the price to pay to reach your next level.

You’re SELF MOTIVATED and certainly don’t need mollycoddling!

You’re a heart centered,
compassionate human and want to make a difference EVEN if your business is making widgets!

You have a dry sense of humour and swear like a trucker – or at least don’t mind when I do!

You’re an action taker and implement what you learn.

AND even though this hasn’t got anything to do with business – unless you make pet beds or something!)

you LOVE LOVE LOVE animals😻

If this is YOU and you KNOW you want to work with me 121,
message me and I’ll send you over the details.


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