Stop the BS!
Stop all of your BS right NOW!
Stop holding yourself back from the business and let’s face it,
the lifestyle that you REALLY want.

Stop fucking bullshitting yourself that you can’t have what you want.

Or that you’re not able,
you’re not good enough.
And don’t you dare say that you aren’t lucky enough either.
Luck’s got nothing to do with it.
YOU have EVERYTHING to do with it.

You have the potential inside of you,
you just don’t know it.

You don’t believe it.
No one ever told you did they.
Well now I’M telling you.
You CAN.
No one’s gonna show up and hand it to you on a silver platter though!
You need to step UP and create what you want.
Create that business you’re dreaming of.
Whatever that looks like to YOU.
NOT your friends or family’s idea.
Sorry to be blunt but they know NOTHING!

Only you know what you really desire deep down and even you’re denying it a little aren’t you?

You’re scaling it down ’cause you think you can’t get there.
Or ’cause you think it’ll take forever.
It’ll take longer than forever if you don’t get started that’s for sure!
So here’s something I STRONGLY recommend you do RIGHT. NOW.

  1. make the decision
  2. get committed to it AF
  3. get started RIGHT NOW

If you don’t know the how to’s,
go find the answers.
Get some help from someone who’s already done,
or who IS doing what you want.
Get someone to kick your ass into action and hold you accountable.
You haven’t managed to do it yourself yet have you?
EXACTLY! Stop the BS!
I’ll drop the mic right there,
Tina <3

Tina Clarke
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