What should you do when you feel stuck?
Whether you’re struggling to make sales,
or even MORE sales!
Whether you’re struggling to get all of your work done but are scared to get help – you
couldn’t possibly hire anyone!
Maybe you’re getting your hair off with your marketing?
Perhaps you just don’t get how to use Twitter?
Or maybe it’s your current customers that’re getting you down and you just can’t see how
you can do anything about it?
Whatever it is that’s making you feel stuck,
it’s time to change it.
You’re wasting precious time when you stay stuck.
But what CAN you do when you feel stuck?

Well you can try doing something different.

Yes that might sound like an obvious thing to say but are you actually doing it?
If you want different results then you have to take different actions to get them.
Otherwise you’ll just get more of what you already have!

So let’s say that you want to grow your business or it’s already growing and you’re struggling
to cope with all of the work.
You need some help but you’re scared to hire people ’cause of all the hassle that comes
along with that!
I get it,
my husband and I used to think that way but we’ve since hired a number of people for our
upholstery business.
You’re also reluctant to hire ’cause you think that YOU are the business and YOU can’t be
Well you can always replace yourself in at least a few areas,

  • admin
  • marketing
  • sales
  • receptionist
  • deliveries

Maybe you can even replace yourself completely and hire someone that’ll do the actual
technical work.
We didn’t think we’d be able to find an upholstery machinist good enough to replace me.
EVENTUALLY we found one and we do our best to make sure she’s happy and ultimately
wants to stay with us.
But we did see a lot of rubbish out there!!
Maybe if you’re an artist you can’t replace you.
But you CAN have an assistant or two.
And look,
you don’t always have to actually hire someone to work for you.
You don’t always need to give them a contract.
You can use freelancers to help you,
or if it’s anything admin related…
use a virtual assistant as and when needed.

So what I’m trying to say to you is,


Can you approach the thing that’s keeping you stuck from another angle?
Can you break it down into bite sized bits?
Can you ask someone (who knows what they’re talking about!) to look at it with a fresh pair
of eyes?
One of my coaches says you should spend 10 % of your time thinking about the problem
and then 90 % of your time coming up with the solution.
I think you’ve probably spent your 10 % already.
Go do the 90 % and then take ACTION.
‘Cause otherwise you’ll still be stuck in the same place a year from now wondering where
the time’s gone!

Don’t be afraid to try stuff and fail.
That’s the only way we learn how to do anything.
When we learn to walk as infants we don’t fall over 5 times and then decide that actually,
we won’t bother with that.
We’ll just stick to crawling our way through life!
No we keep going until we CAN walk.
We don’t give up ’cause it’s too hard.
We don’t care what others think when we fall.
There’re plenty of people who have gone before you in your industry and success leaves
What did THEY do?
How did THEY overcome your current problem?

Succeeding in business is a process of trial and error and there’re 2 ways to speed up the

  • 1. Act fast, fail fast, repeat.
  • 2. Model someone who’s gone before you (and learn from their mistakes)

I hope this post has been of use to you and it’s inspired you to move forward and not stay
Please comment below with what your biggest takeaway from this was and I’d LOVE to hear
what action(s) you’re gonna take to become “unstuck!”
Have an awesome rest of the week,
Tina <3

Tina Clarke
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