What’re you focusing on?

It’s really easy to focus on the negative stuff and ignore the positive.
Have you ever received loads of compliments but then someone said something less
positive to you, or about you?
Maybe it was a meant to be a dig at you maybe not, but you went and focused on THAT
comment! You didn’t believe all the other ones, just the one bad one!
I think we’ve all been there before!

And have you ever had a really good day, or even an average day, and then something went
a bit wrong. Or a lot wrong. Not a disaster as such, perhaps a customer complained, or
something just wouldn’t work. Maybe you couldn’t find your keys for 10 minutes.
Frustrating AF but NOT the end of the world. BUT THEN IT RUINED YOUR WHOLE DAY?!!

For some reason (maybe ’cause we’re human?) we tend to focus on the one bad thing.
Among ALL the good. And there’re good things happening ALL THE TIME, we just expect it.
Take it for granted. Or just plain don’t recognise it when it’s happening. I mean, if your car
refuses to start you start to panic and then maybe lose your temper. Mumble about how
you HATE cars anyway and that you WISH you didn’t even need one. And how the car is just
one inch away from being sent to the scrap yard if it doesn’t get it’s act in gear. Or is that
just me?! But my point is that for all the last 300 times or 3000 times or whatever the
number actually is, that the car DID actually start up, do you think we make a song and
dance about THAT? Do we kiss the steering wheel and pootle off on our way whistling
“heigh – ho, heigh-ho, it’s off to work we go”?!! (Or it’s off to Tesco’s we go?) No we don’t!

But what if we celebrated the little wins? Recognised when things were in fact going our
way? Believing the good compliments and ignoring the one bad one? What if we chose
what we focused on?


Can you imagine how good it would feel? Can you imagine if instead of saying to yourself
“I’ve made FA sales this week. What will I do?” you said… ” Right, the challenge is ON. I’m
gonna smash my sales goals, just like I smashed my social media engagement goals” Or,
Instead of saying “I don’t have time” you could instead say “If I just get a little busier, I’ll be
able to hire some help which’ll make my life SO much easier!” Don’t think about the bad
stuff, think about the good stuff. What you WANT to happen. Focus your energy there. They
say “what you focus on grows” so I’m sure you don’t want anymore LACK! Put your race
horse blinkers on and run to what you want! FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS!

I’ve been doing my best to focus only on what I WANT and I’m certainly not perfect at it! But
it’s helping me. I sometimes catch myself being negative and having a little bitch fest, but
then I stop myself and get refocused. I’m trying to create a habit of being positive. Focusing
ONLY on the outcome I want. It’ll take time but it’ll be worth it. So what I want to know now


The positive?
The desired outcomes?
And NOT the bad stuff?
The negative?
The unwanted outcomes?

WHAT we think and HOW we think is almost everything in my oppinion. YES you obviously
have to some work!! But if you don’t feel like it, will you always do it? If you’re scared of
doing something, are you likely to do it? But if you can actually CHOOSE what and how we
think then that could have MASSIVE advantages. And we CAN choose.

CHOOSE positivity.
CHOOSE happiness.
CHOOSE to leap even!
And don’t forget to CHOOSE to believe those compliments and to believe in ourselves!

Are you with me?
Let’s start a movement!
Tina xoxo


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