What’s your vision for your business?
You do have one don’t you?
I don’t mean some watered down vision ’cause you don’t believe you can have what you
REALLY want.
I mean,
how would you REALLY like your business to be?
What would your role in it be?
Who will be on your team?
What is your business’s purpose – apart from making money of course!
How is it fun?
Does it even feel like work?
Where are you working from?
All of that stuff.
What does it look and feel like?
‘Cause if you take the time to get really clear on your vision and you actually visuallise it
every day,
you’ll reprogram your brain to believe in it.
To believe that you CAN have what you want.
For it to become more “normal” and not some way off,
impossible goal that someone like you can’t achieve.
It might seem a bit “new age” or “woo woo” at first but if you just spend a few minutes each
day visuallising your business as the business you truly want,
you’re far more likely to get there.
You have to believe in it.
You have to believe in YOU.
Our minds are really powerful so why not tap into that power and help ourselves to get
what we want?

Napoleon Hill said ” Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve”

Basically he was saying to us that if we can believe something is possible,
our mind will help us find the way to get us there.
So perhaps you’re having trouble believing that you can have or do something?
Maybe you can’t imagine taking on staff and letting go of some of the things you’re
currently doing in your business right now?
But you realise that others have done it.
Other owners of businesses similar to yours have already employed staff and their
businesses are doing well.
So it was possible for THEM.
In that case it’s also possible for you.
That’s your evidence you can employ staff right there!
You might be apprehensive and that’s understandable.
But you have the evidence.
So now you just need to realise,
BELIEVE that you too can do it.
Visualise it and get comfortable with it.
Let it become “normal” to you.
You’re letting your brain know this is what’s gonna happen.
Your brain will take it on board and it will go to work for you.
It will show you the way or it’ll tell you to leap.
But it’ll have your back!
Belief is almost everything and I want you to believe you can have what you want ’cause you
So even if it’s just once a day for a minute or two,
visuallise the business that you want.
And I mean the one you REALLY want.
No watering down.
No settling.
And keep doing it.
Don’t do it for 3 days and say it doesn’t work!!
Have an awesome day,
Tina <3

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