Business isn’t growing the way you want?

You’re not owning it and showing up as the expert?


Feeling stuck?

Constantly fighting a losing battle?


You SAY you want success. You SAY you want to serve people. You SAY you want to be the best at what you do and you SAY you’re gonna do whatever it takes…
But you don’t.
So not only do you not receive the results you crave, but you reaffirm to yourself that you’re broken. Not good enough. Lacking in someway.

Wouldn’t it be A-MAZING if you could love and accept yourself for who you are, how you look and how you sound, right now?

Imagine how it’d feel if your ambition, your big reason WHY you do what you do, was actually much bigger than your fear?

Then get excited, because that’s how I help people just like you every day.



I’m Tina Clarke, EMPOWERER of the small business owner and bullsh*t shifter.



I’m OBSESSED with raising people up, and helping them believe in themselves and their ability to build their dream life. I also believe in kindness – though that won’t stop me from kicking your ass if I see you slacking.

I can help you – provided you’re coachable, willing to do the internal work and are ready to pull the trigger and invest in yourself. And get Committed with a capital C’ to your self improvement.

The reason I am so passionate about this work is because I was you.

I’m a self titled “recovering shy girl.” Labeled timid, too quiet, even boring at school AND afterward – and that never does anything to help build you up. I don’t like my voice and I (like most people) want to improve my looks.

So do you think that when I first started in business over 10 years ago now, I wanted to put myself out there in cyber space? Or to pick up the phone and actually call people? Do you think I wasn’t scared of being judged? And by people I knew in “real life” too?

But two businesses later, and having invested literally thousands of pounds and thousands of hours getting coached, taking courses, reading, working on my mindset and DOING…


It’s safe to say I am NOT the same timid and self conscious girl I used to be.


I’m an action taker.
My confidence continues to grow and not by accident.
And It’s my mission to help YOU to help yourself get out of your negative

To stop repeating the same day over and over.
To stop feeling like you’re letting yourself and your potential clients down (you ARE!) and also, to stop feeling like the broken freak you think you are.

You are a BADASS. Even if you don’t see it yet, I do.
I can give you wings.
Wanna learn how to fly?


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