Forget the what if’s

And stop being up in your head for a minute.
Just imagine I have a magic wand.
And I’m willing to let you wave it over your business!

If you knew then, that you could do your biz ANY WAY YOU WANTED from that moment on,
the wand waving moment and it would all work out…
If you got to make the amount of money and the amount of impact you wanted.
Got the fame you desired, or the privacy,
by doing it the way YOU wanted to,


Remember, it’s magic wand time here!
You have no limiting beliefs stopping you.
No lack of confidence | self worth issues stopping you.
You have no thoughts of “well all the business coaches say you have to do X Y and Z!
What your Dad thinks doesn’t factor in either (and it shouldn’t anyway!)
It doesn’t matter if no one’s ever made any real money doing the thing(s) you want to do,
but what is that?


I’ll give you some time to think about this…

Right then.
Guess what I’m gonna say now?

That’s right.
You HAVE to go for it.
You HAVE to believe in yourself SO F****** much, that you go out there and PERSIST,
until your average working do DOES look that way AND you’re making the money and the
impact you crave from doing it.
You have the fame (or not, as the case may be)
Basically your days are filled with doing what the bl**dy hell you want and you get to
receive everything you desire as a by product.

Unfortunately I don’t have a magic wand.
But you sorta do!
If you get laser focused on what you want to create and keep moving relentlessly towards
that, sooner or later you WILL get there.

So forget the what if’s.
Work on your mindset and ditch the old programming.
The limiting beliefs.
Most people don’t do this and that’s why most people don’t live the life they really want.


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