I’m a recovering shy girl!


OMG I used to be PAINFULLY shy when I was a kid.
And I always thought that by the time I was like 35 or 40,
things would be different.
That I’d be super confident by then.
NOT shy anymore!

Now I DID get better, no question.
But it was NOT how I imagined it would be.
I was NOT mega confident at all.
Just OK usually.
Most of the time.
Most situations.

But then as you know, as a business owner, as an entrepreneur,

there’re PLENTY of situations that being MEGA CONFIDENT would

DEFINITELY be an advantage in.


For instance,

elevator pitches (f****** hate to this day. SO cringey!)
public speaking,
and of course doing the old Facebook Livestreams, to name but a few!

When you’re a shy gal and a mentor says that you really ought to be Livestreaming (for example)
you’re like,




When everyone else is like,
“OMG do I REALLY have to do this?”
It’s a million times worse for YOU!

Like I say, I KNOW.
Believe me!

Now the BIGGEST thing that’s helped me over the last 18 months or so,
to go from still quite shy,
to actually, quite confident.
PLUS being able to take action in spite of being scared,


I f****** LOVE it.
Well note quite.
You still have to take action!
But yeah!
I’m addicted now.

Which is WHY I’m running a FREE 4 day Self Belief Challenge.
Basically it’s a case of, if I can become confident and willing to put myself out there,
then so can YOU.
Yes YOU!!


The details!


We start this Tuesday 29th May approx 5pm UK, inside my Facebook group, Restore to Factory Settings! with Tina Clarke.


Get in the group now and if you can’t make it live, be sure to catch the replays!

I’m SO excited to start!🙌🙌🤪😂💕💕🚀 

   Tina Clarke


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