Trolls and what to do about ’em!

Ever been on the receiving end of some internet troll hate?
I have.
I mean usually it’s just a stupid comment here or there.
Nothing too bad.
And often it doesn’t even make any sense and I’m like WTAF?!!
But a few weeks back I was on the receiving end of some BIG TIME TROLLING and it was
downright shocking.

I’m not gonna go into all the “and then she said…” but I will tell you this,
even though I knew it was just a few people in a Facebook group who misinterpreted my
message and were royally getting their knickers in a twist and that their opinions don’t

it still shocked me and made me feel, well weird and sad if the truth be told.

I knew it shouldn’t really bother me.
These were not my people.
These were spiteful people.

Best thing was(!) one of the trolls (they started ganging up on me) told me I was a negative
person, should go work on myself and that if I didn’t like something I saw on the internet
(the topic of my post) I should just scroll past it and ignore it.
OK but you really missed the point of my post and what’s good for the goose…
’cause this individual kept on coming back and posting more digs at me, as soon as she’d
thought of something else to say!

Yes, even though I knew I’d done nothing wrong, they’d misinterpreted the whole point of
my post and they were ganging up on me like a wrestling tag team,
giving each other virtual high fives and asking each other to be friends (so they got some
buddies out of me posting THAT post anyway!)
even though I knew I shouldn’t let this bother me, for a couple of days it did.

Why did I let it bother me for that long?

‘Cause until I turned off notifications and then unfollowed said Facebook group,
I kept checking my notifications and most would be yet more bitchy comments from the
I did post at first that they misunderstood.
They were too far into their campaign to quit now though.
So I didn’t argue my case.
Tempting as it was to tell them how dumb, contradictory, and spiteful they were being (in a
group set up to empower women business owners!)

So I just thought that I’d let you know that, if you’re being visible, you WILL get some
People are much braver sat behind a keyboard!
But you cannot let it put you off.
You cannot let it affect you for too long, like I did.

Turn off the notifications.
Block them (I did!)
Don’t visit the group / post / comment section / space where you’ll see that negative shiznit.

Share your message every day.
Only engage with the “right people”
If someone doesn’t like what you’ve said, or they just don’t like you,
that’s fine.
They aren’t your people.

Practice some self care.
Watch some comedy on YouTube.
Keep going.
‘Cause if you succumb to their nonsense, you’ll be feeling c*** and you’ll stop showing up in your power.

There’re people that need what you do.

What YOU do!
Don’t let them down ’cause of some loser that has nothing better to do than troll you.
And remember,


it’s never anyone who’s doing more than you that’ll troll you!

Tina xo


Tina Clarke

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