Struggling to grow your business?


Want success so badly, you strive day after day to breakthrough?

Only you’re not owning it and showing up as the expert are you?

You want to.
But somehow you feel you just can’t.
You’re ambitious, driven and want to make a big difference with your work.
At the same time you’re scared to step up, though sometimes you do.
But then you shrink back down again. You play small. And although you’re posting some content on you’re social media, what you’re doing ain’t cutting it.

I’ve got your back.

I can help you because I was you. I’ve been right where you are and I feel your pain.
I’m a recovering shy girl – I was what you’d call painfully shy at school. And until not too long ago, I was still embodying that timid girl who never put herself forward and got what she wanted.
I thought I was broken. Lacking compared to everyone else.
Why couldn’t I act, feel, BE confident?
How could I stop holding myself back?
I’m sure you ask yourself this same question regularly.
Let’s face it, you do know it’s only you that’s holding you back from anything and everything you’ve ever wanted.
You’re BS-ing yourself somewhere.
So it’s lucky for you that I’m a bullsh*t shifter.
I can help you create the self belief you’re lacking, just like I’ve done with myself – and continue to each and every day.
And just so you know, I believe in you. Even when you don’t.
You don’t have to keep suffering and beating yourself up about your perceived shortcomings.
You’re a smart, beautiful soul with a whole load to offer the world.
It’s time for you to put down your fears and shift those beliefs that aren’t serving you.
It’s time to embody that version of yourself you’ve always dreamed of being.
And it’s time you loved yourself.




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