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Let me help you UNLEASH


Starts Tuesday 5th February


‘Cause sometimes you’ve just gotta leap BEFORE you’re ready.

Including yours truly!

To hell with overthinking,
talking yourself outta doing the work.

To hell with smack talking yourself.
And essentially out of action!

And to hell with believing that yesterday’s results = today’s results.
Just ‘cause you didn’t make a sale last month,
does NOT mean you won’t this month.

Just ‘cause you got only 1 email sign up for your last freebie, does NOT mean your next one won’t go nuts!

And maybe you keep talking yourself outta doing your first ever Livestream?

Or you perhaps you keep stepping up,
then you step right back down again,
shrinking and hiding?

Playing it safe.
It IS comfortable in your comfort zone, hence the name!

Alas, no miracle is gonna save you.
Your “problem” won’t just go away in the night.
YOU have to do the work.

You have to LEAP!

You have to take the action BEFORE you feel ready, to become ready.

Make sense?🤷🏻‍♀️


Introducing LEAP,
a 2 part masterclass in doing just that!

I’ll be running these 2 trainings over 2 days (so not too overwhelming!)
and I’ll be giving you the tools you need to be able to LEAP and go create, go show up and go serve your people in a BIGGER way than you ever have before.

Whether you’re scared of failing or looking stupid,
scared what others will think – ESPECIALLY those you know!
Or whether you’re not confident in your own skin…

if you know you’re currently hiding and playing much too small in your business and want desperately to change that, you just don’t know how,

It’s time to leap and get into Leap!

F.Y.I. I’m leaping here too.

This 2 part masterclass idea’s literally just popped into my head.
I haven’t worked out the fine details yet!
But I’m leaping and putting it out there anyway.

I’m taking fast action, which I haven’t always done in the past.

So if this is speaking to and you’re scared, THAT means you must do it.

Different actions, for different results, right?

And just so you don’t use the money thing as an excuse not to chicken out!!

I’ve priced this 2 part masterclass so it’s accessible for most, at just £15.

We start Tuesday 5th February.

Will YOU leap?





My inner critic tells me my voice sucks!


That in that last livestream or audio training, I sounded awful.
I sounded lack lustre.

And sometimes it might well be the truth!

But here’s the thing…

…how can I really serve my community if I don’t show up?
If I listen to my inner critic and then delete my stream?
Or that audio I just did?

How can I expect to connect with my audience, if I let my BS fears,
neg etc,
get the better of me?

And how the effingheck am I supposed to improve if I don’t just do the damn work?

So I do.
And then I release it, trusting it’s GOOD ENOUGH and just what someone else needed to hear.

And if nothing else, I hope me showing up the only way I know how to in this moment, will inspire you to do the same.

And after all, we’ll never be done.
We’ll never be “perfect” ‘cause we’re human.
Humans are flawed.
And different.
Their imperfections are what makes us each amazing.

Like a vinyl record with all the crackles!
MUCH better than a CD, or download.

We aren’t looking to you for perfection.
We don’t want to wait till you’re ready.
– you’ll never feel 💯 ready!

We want you to show up and help us NOW.

So trust your work IS good enough.
It is.
Put it out there and serve.
And rinse and repeat.

Rinse and repeat.

I’m looking to fill a couple of coaching spots right now. Message me if you’re up for choosing confidence over fear,


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