You have a face for radio!


O.K. I’ll bite!
Let’s just say for arguments’s sake, that you do in fact have, A FACE FOR RADIO!

Let’s say you’re as hideous as you believe yourself to be.

TOO BAD!!!!!

It does NOT let you off the hook regarding showing the f*** up in your business.

For example, if you truly believed that you had the cure for cancer, are you telling me that
your “radio face” would hold you back?
That you’d hide away?
Maybe pop up now and then, when you’re feeling a bit brave and quietly say that you have
something that, maybe…erm….maybe could be sorta interesting…
Would you like to buy my cure?!!!

Then shrink back down again.
Give up when nobody buys it.
Or one person does!

I’m pretty sure that if you were convinced that you had the cure for cancer, you’d be out
You’d get over yourself and out of your own way.
You’d put other people’s needs in from of you own need to feel safe.

So I suggest to you that if you ain’t showing up, it’s because of one of the following reasons;


1) You don’t believe in your product or service ENOUGH.
Maybe you need to look at that?
Can it be improved upon?

2) You’re being SELFISH!
You’re putting your need to feel safe in front of helping people.
You must find a way to get past this.
You need a BIGGER REASON WHY you’re doing this.



Of course you are NOT hideous anyway!

Sure you have flaws.
We ALL do.
Even supermodels have flaws and are airbrushed!
But so what?

Are you going to keep playing too small,
living a life too small,
impacting a small number of people and feeling only small amounts of fulfilment?

Or are you gonna realise that you’re blowing your flaw(s) and insecurities WAY OUT OF
And that the sooner you get over yourself and FOCUS on your mission, the better?


The world doesn’t care about your double chin.


It cares about your unique gifts and the impact you SHOULD be making.


TinaTina Clarke

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